Womb Yoga Dance

A 3 Day Certifcation Training for Midwives, Doulas, Yoginis, Naturopaths, Energy Healers and lovers of wellness.

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Womb Yoga Dance (WYD) is an intensive, 3-day Womb Yoga Dance Certification Training for the beginner, intermediate or advanced student of Yoga.

Womb Yoga Dance:

September 2nd | 3-6pm PST
September 3rd | 9-6:30 PST
September 4th | 2-7pm PST



Come and immerse yourself in the ancient spiritual, philosophical and meditative womb yoga system taught by holistic health practitioner and wellness veteran Queen Afua. After this training you'll be able to teach this to your present and future clients or just continue to incorporate it into your own lifestyle.



During this Womb Yoga Dance 3 Day Certification Training you will learn:

  • 69 Powerful Womb Yoga Poses
  • 39 Womb Healing Movements
  • Womb Breathing Techniques
  • Visualization Meditation Therapy
  • Womb Healing Inversion Therapy
  • Elemental Womb Energy and Holistic Readings
  • How To Live A Holistic Lifestyle of Peace and Serenity

Your Instructor

Queen Afua
Queen Afua

For over 40 years, Queen Afua has been providing products and programs to optimize your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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