September 17th | 3-7pm PST (6pm-10pm EST)

September 18th | 10-3pm PST (1pm-6pm EST)

September 25 | 3-7pm PST (6pm-10pm EST)

September 28 | 10-3pm PST (1pm-6pm EST)


Emerald Green Practitioner Training (EGPT) is a personal and professional development program that focuses on food as medicine, energy readings, business development and holistic health coaching.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Now is the best time to start a career in the health and wellness industry. Now more than ever, you can make an income and an impact with wellness products and services.

Join an international network of holistic health practitioners who are all working toward make the world a better place by being an example, supporting each other and serving the people.

The home is the new hospital and selfcare is the future of healthcare. So, coaches will be a fixture in the community as a resource for those who are in need of immediate and preventative care.


— How to offer wellness in 60 - 90 minute Consultation/Coaching Sessions. 
— How to present the Heal Thyself Products and how those products address 103 dis-eases. 
— How to do radionics, which is using the pendulum and the elemental chart to perform energy readings on your clients/students. 
— How to do 10 -15 minute tune ups (basic readings) that you can perform in settings such as health fairs and healing circles. 
— How to offer wellness orientations that will be presented to circles, community centers and spiritual houses.
— How to work both face to face to face and/or online with clients. 


2 bottles of Green Life Nutritional Formula and 1 bottle of Super Green to repair, restore and rejuvenate memory, the immune system, blood, bones --the entire anatomy. 
3 bottles of Master Herbal Formula which is prepared with 13 detoxification herbs to detox each organ in the body temple. 
3 bottle of Colon-ese and 1 bottle of Herbal Laxative to flush from the colon old, impacted wastes, gas and parasites. 
An 8 oz. jar of Rejuvenation Clay for aches and pains, swelling and inflammation; and you will learn 21 ways to use the clay for yourself and potential clients. 
You will receive a clear quartz pendulum to be used for performing energy readings. (Those who are interested in purchasing a stainless steel pendulum from Baba Heru through Studio Ptah, please place a request via

This course is closed for enrollment.

My name is Queen Afua.

I've worked on the Emerald Green curriculum for almost 7 years. I planned to release next year, but due to the times that we are in, I felt that it was imperative that I launch this training now.

We must come out of all the traps- the psychological traps, the incarceration traps, the dietary traps, the relationship traps, the drug addiction traps- all the traps. We must be game changers and we must act now.

This is a call out to awaken the ambassadors of wellness, the holistic wellness warriors, the holistic freedom fighters; to take charge, for our destiny is in our hands and the power to heal ourselves and our lives is within us as we fully activate.

The death toll is rising, the infection is spreading, the vaccine is coming. We the conscious ones, the holistic ones, must be fully unified and fully empowered to overcome this era and to elevate humanity with nature's call.

If you are serious about healing the planet, take this training. Join me and other healers of long standing, in being the example in order to teach your family and friends the Emerald Green holistic pathway.

The journey begins now. 


This course is closed for enrollment.